Our home nursing team has in-depth knowledge and experience in advising, coordinating and delivering home nursing packages and is able to advise you on the most suitable care service to meet your specific requirements.

Licensed Nurses

All the nurses responsible for providing home care and home nursing services in Nurseco for Home Healthcare has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and are licensed individuals. Each nurse has Basic Life support certificates. It is a must that they need to have at least two years of experience of working in a hospital, in different wards before they can apply for work in Nurseco. They are home care and home nursing experts with different levels of experience, and we appoint them as per the demand of the client and the service plan so that the best service can be provided without errors in the workplace.

Healthcare Assistants

Responsible for providing home care and home nursing services are also having Bachelor of Science degree in nursing or midwifery. They are professionals with experience of working in various hospitals and wards. Each of them holds Basic Life Support and First Aid Certification which ensures that they have full knowledge of the job that they have been appointed to. Nurseco for Home Healthcare is always in the lookout for talented professionals who have the passion to serve human being in medical field and nursing.