We bring life to healthcare, Right in your home!

A member of our team will visit you and carry out a full assessment of your care needs. This will give us an opportunity to get to know you and understand any personal preferences that you may have, in addition to what support you will require. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your care requirements and ensure that all aspects of your care and arranged we can liaise with your family and any involved medical professionals.

Nursing Key Responsibilities

Assessment, Monitoring

  • Observation and assessment of patient’s condition, vital signs assessment.
  • Management and evaluation of a patient plan of care.
  • Management of palliative care for cancer patient or progressive illness. Terminal life threatening disease or disabilities includes pain management.
  • Assessment for oxygen therapy requirements.
  • Tube feeding management
  • Nasopharyngeal and tracheostomy aspiration
  • Nasogastric tube maintenance
  • Pain management
  • Daily insulin injections, supervision of patients with diabetes and monitoring blood glucose
  • Wound Care
  • Tracheostomy Care and maintenance
  • Foley Catheter insertion
  • Continence Assessment and management
  • Prenatal , Postnatal, and new born Assessment
  • Medication Management / Venepuncture
  • Education and counselling, consistent with the type/nature of treatment and /or care management need.


  • Maintains Patient’s Chart and Document in writing
  • Doctor’s orders/notes
  • Vital Signs & Medications
  • Intake and Output
  • Nurses notes
  • Vital signs
  • Blood Glucose test data
  • Food Intake/Nutrition (if applicable).
  • Other data necessary in patient’s care.


  • Administration of medications and instructions on medication including but not limited to (injections, IVs, Inhalation, Oral, infusions, Rectal and enterals)

Personal Care

  • Assisting clients in and out of bed, dressing / undressing and with general mobility
  • Assisting clients with personal washing / showering / bathing / hair care and other personal care
  • Assisting clients to the toilet / commode
  • Emptying commodes, emptying catheter bags and re-fitting as necessary, dispensing of incontinence pads
  • Cleaning clients after soiling and wetting
  • To undertake a range of agreed health related tasks, subject to their being part of the care plan
  • Round the clock monitoring and turning of patients whenever applicable (ex. Comatose and bedridden patients.)
  • Renders Therapeutic massages and ROM exercises as needed

Social Care Duties

  • To establish a relationship with clients, giving support to those under stress, and providing a degree of companionship
  • Coordinate with client’s family to contact the doctor, emergency services or to make appointments
  • Where necessary to accompany the client to the hospital / doctor

Practical Duties

  • To seek to provide a home environment which is supportive and provides an appropriate level of cleanliness and tidiness within the patient’s room and to undertake other appropriate practical caring tasks with the assistance of family’s house helper if necessary.

Reports & Updates

  • Observe, report and document client responses to prescribed treatment and care; communicate progress and concerns to the Home Care Manager Nursing supervisor and GP Home Care Doctor
  • Prepares Monthly Nursing Care Plan
  • Prepares A detailed Home Care Nursing Management Report as often as it is needed
  • Monitors/Prepares Medicines and supply requisition on a regular basis depending on patient’s needs